Top 3 China’s Social Networking Site

Top 3 China's Social Networking SiteAccording to Wikipedia, if facebook were a country, it would have the world third largest population behind China and India. Yet China have it’s own share of social networking site. Ranging from Tencent’s, or Sina Weibo, they are able to chill out on their own as their country have no Faceboook, Twitter or Youtube.

At the recent panel discussion in SXSW, within China, there are 384 million internet user and here are some of their impressive statistics for a country.

Chinese social networking habits:

  • 221 million bloggers.
  • 222 million creators of online video.
  • 272 million instant messaging users.
  • 108 million online shoppers.
  • 265 million online gamers.
  • 321 million users who download music.
  • China’s virtual goods were a $5 billion market last year, five times the U.S. Virtual currency is so ubiquitous that it’s actually taxed in China.

If you are an entrepreneur trying to break into the China market, here are 3 social network that you cannot ignore.

Top 3 China's Social Networking Site - Renren

China’s equivalent of Facebook. Registered user 170 million. Renren started as a clone of Facebook in 2005 known as Xiaonei which means ‘in the school’ and have since change to Renren, meaning everybody.

2. Qzone
Top 3 China's Social Networking Site - Qzone

Qzone is China’s premium blogging platform which user could either share photos, express their views or keep an online diary. Registered user 481 million. The general users are teenagers. It was part of the Tencent company which also includes the famous QQ’s instant messaging network. Tencent is said to have a total of 1 billion account.

3. Sina Weibo
Top 3 China's Social Networking Site
Sina Weibo garnered 90 million user in a short span of 2 years. It is a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook and is planning to launch a English version soon according to The Next Web. Users of both Weibo and Twitter commented that Weibo is a notch better. The real question is will Weibo topple the domination of Twitter? I guess not before the ‘Great Firewall of China' problem is solved.

Have you tried any of the 3 social network? Would you try them if their English version is available? Tell us.

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